A Beautiful Place…..

Instead of the maladroitness around, it is a beautiful place,

Only if you avoid rushing and walk  at your own pace,

the nature, the people are indeed beautiful,

kill the animosity and be blissful,

the maledictions are always floating around,

face your fears and never be bound,

find yourself among the marred,

the world will be yours if you dared,

darkness is just the absence of light,

if the nights are dark, the days will be bright,

feed your hope from the munificence around,

with your eyes at the sky and feet on the ground,

Its a journey not a race,

relish the moments and keep your grace,

with certitude it can be said,

the end will be really sad,

not because the journey was bad,

but because of the moments you regret,

enjoy the moments, the time is scarce,

it is after all a beautiful place..


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      thank you so much…)

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much…)

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