All Alone……


I woke up and got dressed. It was a really murky day it seemed, and as I was indolent, it was really tough for me to set my foot outside the house. It started raining heavily, I opened my umbrella and kept walking.


With my fractious behavior, I always managed to trouble everyone around. Usually I remained demure, and that is why I was not readily accepted. I too didn’t liked having company, I felt elated when I was alone.

I was walking by the lanes, the water was flowing on the roads, there was no one around. I guessed everyone might be inside their houses, since water was filled everywhere.


I was lost, in my own thoughts. Others often derided me for my conduct, and it was a routine. So I felt really happy this day, as no one was there to notice me. I was on my way to work, but I sensed that the office will be closed, so I changed my route. It was a very rare opportunity for me to talk to myself. So I kept walking further.


The weather was in its full form, dancing on the tunes of may be some feral despot, articulating itself freely. The voice which came from the falling of the beautiful droplets of water on the ground was really pleasing to the ear. Its very rare when we get to witness nature’s candor shining in our eyes. The view was spectacular.


I was still walking, lost my track, as I was  busy in admiring the felicity around. It was still on my mind, that there was no one around. I knew that the rains were heavy, but seeing not a single person around was a little disturbing. Not because I wanted to see people, but I saw them everyday and the view somehow felt incomplete. But I didn’t worried about it much, as you don’t get such peaceful environments everyday.


I walked the whole day, not a single human I saw. I finally reached my house and went to my room. Now a little fear  imperceptibly entered inside my mind, I genuinely saw no one and it was scary. I tried to convince myself that it was just a rare situation, and people might have avoided traveling because of the rains. I coerced myself to sleep.


Later in the night I woke up, that little fear was now growing inside my mind, what if there is really no one there? I tried to confront my fear, it was an intrepid step, but I had to take it. I again went to the streets, it was still raining. This time I ran on the roads, to catch a glimpse of another human like myself, my efforts went in vain. My fear kept growing bigger with each step I took, still no one came to my vision.


I ran hard, looking at all directions at the same time, my breath was running faster than me. And then I stopped, I was not able to go any further, I was literally dragging my body inch by inch. My lassitude was dancing on each and every part of my body, my fear was accompanying it. I lost hope. I knew I was all alone, no one around. What I always wanted, was now killing me.


I sat on the ground, a few moments later, a sweeper passed by, his head covered by plastic sheet, to protect himself from the rain. A candid smile ran through my lips, I took a deep breath as I realized that I was not alone after all.


It was really bizarre, the solitude which I kept seeking in my entire life almost killed me.

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  1. my valiant soul says:

    It is kind of spooky,to imagine that there is no one else but me is so breath-taking!Hush..I am glad you were not alone.:)

  2. shreyans says:

    Thank you for reading…it was just imagination, so it was completely in my hands to he alone or not. And i chose to not be alone…

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much..)

  3. iamioana says:

    Ohhh…nice post. It is really good written…with a lot of meaning and spirit. After all maybe we don’t know for sure what we want till we feel it. 😀

    1. shreyans says:

      It is really great to hear that you liked it..thank you so much for making Time and reading it..

      1. iamioana says:

        It is something we do. Read and give feedback. It is a plasuare. 😉

    2. shreyans says:

      True indeed…keep reading and writing..

  4. Shaishil says:

    Hi shreyansh
    I liked ur article very much
    Enjoyed reading it

    1. shreyans says:

      Hey…I am really glad you liked it..thank you so much for reading….)

  5. ssunshine14 says:

    Amazingly drafted Shreyans 🙂 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much for reading…
      Keep sharing..

  6. Mabel Kwong says:

    This is another great write from you, Shreyans. It all started so real to me, waking up to a murky, wet dark when it’s still a bit dark outside. I think all of us go through that. Then as I read on, more and more I felt that the protagonist was in a dream, or at least living in a dream. “my breath was running faster than me” A great description, and I think a lot of us feel that when we are alone. What are we anxious of? Getting left behind? Getting lost? Being alone can be a great thing. Then again, we are never really alone. Love and kindness and the most mundane behaviours pop up around us when we least expect it – just like how you ended your post 🙂

  7. shreyans says:

    Your comment gave more sense to the writing..the way you read and comprehend is brilliant..i am glad that you read it and liked..thank you so much for making time..waiting for your next thoughtful well..

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