Are we?


Seven dogs
Of different colors
Gazing into the dark forest
Whispering in dog voice
An ocean is heard far away
A gigantic wave is jumping
As the moon shines
On its crests and troughs
Crippled by the darkness
The sun is crestfallen
Baffled are the dogs
Their colors are swallowed
By the night
All they see is black
They run towards the ocean
Aimlessly and tirelessly
They need to go
They don’t know
They chase the moonlight
And run crying
For the whole night
Until the rising sun
Illuminates their eyes in the morning
And the waves washes their feet
They are dreaded by the night
During the day they could see their colors
They could spot each other
Like a rainbow, they stood on the beach
Together in the evening
Waiting for the darkness
As the colors go
The fear returns
All of them go mad
They run and they cry
Hopelessly, they try
They don’t sit and endure
The beauty of the night sky
And the calmness
Of the gigantic waves
We humans aren’t like them
Or are we?

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