Are you ready?

It asked- so, are you ready? We should leave now.

I tried to palliate the situation and replied in a firm voice- why didn’t you inform me earlier. I am not ready.

It said- you knew always that I will be coming, why didn’t you prepared for it earlier.

I said- i need some time.

It said- I am being munificent here, don’t try to provoke me.

A dirge started playing in the background, everything around was in motion.

I was obdurate all my life, and that made me worried, I thought I was being maverick, but nothing really defines you if you are without a sense of responsibility. My benevolence was hiding deep inside, I always maligned others. But now all I wanted was to discover the hidden benevolence, and bring it to life, use it to see some smiles.

But was it too late?

It was still waiting for my answer. It again asked- do you want something?

I said- I have a question for you, why didn’t you came earlier, you could have controlled my egregious behavior.

It said- I was always there inside you, only now I am no more there.

I was perplexed, I asked- how can it be true, I was alive all this time.

It replied- were you really alive, or you were dead from inside?

I realized that it was right, I was dead from inside. Though my body was alive, but it was different from inside, life was struggling inside me.

I tried to convince it but my efforts went in vain, it was ready to grab me and take me with it.

Suddenly my dream broke, I was sweating, my heart was racing.

It was my death I realized, which came to warn me. It made my inner self alive.

Quite baffling it was, my death gave me life.

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Another write up touching on the darker side, Shreyans. The title of this post is a loaded phrase. Are you ready? I love how you illustrate that often we don’t feel ready when it is time to make a decision. As you said, we might ask ourselves if it’s too late. Or maybe we might feel not only struggling inside but also conflicting voices. That is how I feel a lot of the time when making a decision in life – part of me says go for it because what have you to lose, the other says play it safe because you have so much to lose.
    That said, I think we feel dead inside when we don’t listen to our inner voice and be who we want to be. And sometimes and in some moments in life, we have to live with that.

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much for reading. I hope you understood that the conversation was between the person and his death. The person never did any act of kindness because he was too involved in materialistic possessions, but when he saw death in front of him, he realized the truth about himself. Often, we do things because of greed and jealousy, in those moments death is present inside us, and our inner self and values struggle to survive. But when we think of our outer body dying, no materialistic pleasure anymore, then we realize the value of that inner self. And as the person saw this in a dream, he still had a chance to bring his inner self to life. So if we keep our inner self alive then we are ready for death, and if we don’t then we are already dead…

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        Death is a mysterious concept, but breaking down its meaning, I think that it happens all around us. Agree with you it manifests itself in greed and jealously, even anger too. More broadly, we can think of death as something that eats away at us and wears us down.
        Dreams can be powerful things. In dreams, anything is possible.

    2. shreyans says:

      Yes you are absolutely right..thank you for investing your time and reading..

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