be GOD for one day……..

A social gathering was going on somewhere in the city, where a priest had gathered the total attention. The priest was explaining god’s vision to everyone. Everyone was listening carefully, but a little child sitting at the back seemed to be most interested.
In the discussion the priest asked the people that what will you do if you are made god for one day?
Everybody replied in a pretty similar way, some said that they will help poor, others said they will ensure water and electricity for everyone.

But when the priest asked that little boy about what he will do if made god for one day, everybody was shocked after hearing his answer.

The boy said -” if i am made god for one day then I will ensure that i remain as god forever. And I can do that because god is omnipotent and he can do anything he wants, according to our religion.”

The priest was stunned after hearing the boy. He calmed himself and said-” dear child, god will never make you god for one day, it was just an hypothetical situation”.

The boy replied- ” but why will he not make me god, or he can’t ” ?
Is he not omnipotent?

The priest said- ” of course he can but he won’t.”

The boy was getting frustrated, he asked- ” sir, if you have done something then only you can establish that you can do that, but if you haven’t done something then you can never claim that you can do that thing. 
Like I can’t say,  that I can fly but i won’t fly. That is just stupid.
So how can god claim to do things which he had not done till now?

The priest was speechless, slowly the crowd which was gathered at one place scattered around and disappeared…

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  1. Shivani Shrivastava says:

    Be God !!!! Sound Quite adventures as being human greedyness is just quality to earn or to get and if God giving as a chance to spend a day like him so surely he is planing something really good or probably full bad for ur life so its nt a east task but yes i have wishes and i don’t think so those wishes are up they are just evolved and one day is not enough for them…

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