And at times I think
What am I?
A structure of flesh and bones
With a confused mind
Trying hard
Throwing my hands and legs
To wrap around the fact
That I am clueless
And I am not alone
When I look around
I see them all
Rushing, running
They are clueless too
Somebody screwed up everything
It created the world
And didn’t mention why
What we do is sit and ponder?
Some people don’t even do that
They just run
Lately, I have realized
There is no meaning to it
It is all just empty space
What could this empty space mean?
It means nothing
You could waste your time
Pondering over it
Hoping to find some meaning
Beyond this realm
I feel there is another realm
Where there is no need to find meaning
It is a realization
A truth that hits hard
When I stare at the sun
I don’t look for meaning now
We just all exist here
Right now
By magic
Or God
We can keep wondering
We can stop wondering
In both cases
We will still be the same

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