Today, I have got enough courage

I want to drown in the sea and touch its bottom

And when I drown I expect to meet god

Why don’t you save me?

I will ask god

Again and again

My cries would dissolve in the cold water

And my eyes would see the vastness around

And I will keep asking

Why don’t you save me?


At my home and at work

I couldn’t confront god like that

It is my savior and creator

My light and my life

But to put a question in front of God is not good conduct

As if killing one’s eternal curiosity is not a crime

God out there is someone sitting on a pedestal

Ready to get offended by people and punish them accordingly


As I am reaching the bottom of the sea

With more ferocity, I ask

Why don’t you save me?

And I hit my head hard on a rock

And I am bleeding

And still, god won’t come leaving aside its ego


I am not that stupid to fall into this trap of faith

I know it’s just a dream

But if someday

If I got enough courage

I will save myself and stop bothering god

And I would come up to the shore

And I would ask everyone around

Have you got enough courage?

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