Dear God


Time: 2 PM

Date: 20-11-2017

A Letter came to my house.

The letter read as follows:


“Dear God,

I have walked on rough roads in life

I have heard fallacious arguments

About your existence or non-existence

I sense and feel that there is a purpose

Why are we living this life?

I faltered at first to ask you this

But now I am caged inside my own mind

There is only one way left

So, I am asking you this question

What is the meaning of life?”


The date on the letter was 20-11-1987

And it was addressed to me by God.

I ran towards the postman to find the truth.

He vanished into the sky and I never saw him ever again.

I turned the letter and on its backside, there was a picture.

It was my father looking young and handsome.

The letter was written by my father 30 years ago.

I entered his room and sat on a chair.

He was breathing heavily.

He was at the last stage of cancer.

Needles connected all over his body.

He lived as an atheist all his life.

I gave him that letter.

He asked surprisingly, ‘Is there an answer?’

I said, ‘No’.

He then threw the letter away.

I said, ‘There is no answer, but he exists’.

My father smiled and surrendered himself to death.


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    Very touching

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