Dear Society

Don't look at him with anger and disgust
He is nothing but a reflection of the world
A world that you build and nurture
So, it is you who has failed
You failed to teach him "what is RESPECT?"
It is you who has crushed her respect
And boosted his ego
And you didn't stop, you didn't bother to introspect
Even her death didn't move you
You stayed where you are
You sometimes behave as you have changed
But deep within yourself, you are still the same
You lust over her as if she is an object
You try to control her and restrict her
You dominate her with his strength
But you are disillusioned 
Because strength doesn't lie in your ability
It lies in choice
I am not demeaning you
I am your part
You are improving but it isn't visible
Because you are very slow
And the cost we are paying is too damn high
She is gone from where she won't return
He is still alive, fighting to be alive
You are letting him live
And all the others
It troubles me deeply, that it is okay for you
It is fine
Well! It isn't
Get out of your shit
and beware
Nature has its own ways, you know
I know you do
Stop feeding his ego
Stop eating her respect
Keep the world in balance
If you don't want to fall off the edge.

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  1. Charlie Jain says:

    Loved it

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