Life is a result of our decisions. In every situation, we need to decide in order to move forward in life. When you wake up in the morning you need to decide your schedule for the day or maybe at least for the next hour. But these decisions seem rather easy and with time they become a part of us. Many decisions we take are from the subconscious mind. Sometimes, we are walking on the road, without even deciding when to turn we reach our destination. It is because the route is present in our brain and our brain decides for us.

The problem arises when the decision involves active reasoning of mind. These are the situations in which your mind is perplexed. You need to decide one thing but you can’t. It is because the positives and negatives of both the choices you have are well balanced. Or maybe because on one side there is a very great outcome associated with some loss. In situations like that you want to think positive but you can’t take your mind away from the negatives. It results in delaying of the decision which increases further confusion and stress.

What is the way out of such mess?

Well, there is no way out. The first thing you need to remember is that life isn’t fair. So, in any decision you make there is a chance that you will lose out on something. Keeping this in mind you should proceed with the decision making. First, you need to sort your priorities in life. Like, what is important to you? You need to ask this question to yourself again and again. With the answer, you will know instantly that in which direction your decision is shifting. Once you know that the situation starts becoming interesting.

As soon as you find out about the direction in which your decision is swaying your brain will be bombarded by the negative aspects of that decision. This is the time to be patient. In this situation, you need to be the controller. Slowly and gradually you need to understand all the negative aspects. Also, you need to go step by step. Like in a few days or weeks what are the aspects that might challenge you. You need to sort those out. Because you should not look farther than that. That will bring you back to the trap. You need to look at the latest problems and by thinking clearly you need to solve them.

Now, sometimes it happens that there are some problems which you need to accept. They won’t be solved because there are so many people involved. That is the tricky part. You know that life is not fair. And it won’t be. So you should have the guts to swallow your shit.

Finally, you will see the fruits of your decision and it will help you further in your decision making. Sometimes, you might realize that your decision was wrong. But your learning from it will help you in your life immensely. So, decide with a clear mind and stick to your decision. You can make fortune out of it.

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