I looked for you in the munificence around
In the summery afternoons and chilly nights
I tried to find you in the halcyon days that passed
But you were in hiding, very clever you are.
I got robbed two days before by a man
I thought I will catch you this time
Inside that man’s heart, I looked
But you escaped.
I walked for days and hours
Knocked every heart that passed
Met prisoners who murdered for money
And you were still lost.
They say that you are all around
But I don’t see you
 Do you even exist?
I wonder if you really do
I know that you don’t
I knew this for quite some time now
Those who see you are inside a trap
Because you are not real
Dear devil, you do not exist
You are nothing.
I walked farther and farther
Below a big tree, there was a beggar
He asked me for some money
I neglected him and his broken legs
I neglected his hunger and his dirty face
I blocked my compassion
And I moved on
After a second I heard a noise
‘Welcome to the illusion’, it said
I turned back and asked, ‘Who is there?’
The reply came, ‘Devil’.

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    1. shreyans says:

      Thanks for stopping.

      1. Lost soul says:

        This is pure beauty 😉

    2. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much

  1. JUST EKTA says:

    “Welcome to the illusion” – Now here’s where it gets even trickier.
    Good one 👌

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you ekta for reading.

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