Do what you feel is right…..


Do you have enough courage? Ask yourself. This world around us, is built from lies, here in this world, our fears prevail and talk vociferously, everybody around seems vitriolic.

It has made us completely solicitous. There are people here, who have no job, but to tell you about what you should do.


You are given wings, but you are not allowed to use them, you are relegated in front of your own eyes. After some time, you get used to these lies, you become like a emotional robot, you feel from inside but it doesn’t show on your demeanor.


When you see someone, who is trying to breakdown this world of lies, you laugh at him, you criticize him and you even malign him. So degraded is your hope that you stopped believing in the truth.


Or may be the lies are served to you so beautifully on a platter that you took them as the truth. But are you so inane that your dreams are dying in front of you, and you are just sitting and watching?


Was this the life you dreamed of when you were little, when at that time you gazed at the stars trying to find what is out there, are you still the same person?


It may sound a bit like malediction, but I don’t see where are you headed? What answers will you give yourself when death will be dancing on your forehead?


Just because of some cruel despots of society, just because of some fears, just because of not having enough courage you killed you dreams and surrendered. What is then the meaning of life?


What is right, what is wrong? They told me.

What to do, what not to do? They told me.

They killed my curiosity,

They injected fears in me,

They ignored the beautiful truth,

They bluffed me by lying smooth,

You should do this, you should not do this.

I kept asking why? Why? Why?

Because everyone does it.

My why? Kept fading with passing time,

My death was almost ready in line,

I left my body, eloped into the mysterious,

After a long time i again was curious.

My soul shouted really loud,

While passing through the dark cloud.

Go break the walls of fear and ignorance,

For once use your own brains,

Don’t just see but look deeper,

There is truth hidden behind the lies covered layer.

For all you have just one life,

make mistakes, or even fail,

Go fly and shine bright, but for once,

Just do what you feel is right..

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  1. mySestina says:

    Wonderful. You have very well described how we are pressurized by the society to act in a certain way and get out individuality killed in the process… Great post!

  2. shreyans says:

    thank you very much….it is very important to realize our individuality…no sense in living without it…

    1. shreyans says:

      thank you so much for reading….

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you for visiting..i will surely visit yours..

      1. Divya says:


  3. Hemangini says:

    doing what we feel is right is often faced with ridicules but it has its own rewards… wonderful article.

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much for reading it…really glad you liked it..

  4. writeshefali says:

    Does anyone know what is right or wrong… All live their life as per the notions of their ‘right’… Then why can’t I follow my right???….
    Wonderful read Shreyans… Loved the way you expressed, we should just follow our path without wavering 😊👍👌🏼

    1. shreyans says:

      That is the goal indeed. And that needs courage, which all don’t have. So we need to spread the message that it is not wrong to go in a different direction. Really glad you liked it..😊

      1. writeshefali says:

        True you need a lot of courage….also not get into the web of guilt for asserting your independence and get obligated to go as per the wishes of the ones who have helped you grow so far. 😊

    2. shreyans says:

      Yes that too…and surely they must have helped, but nobody owns you…the decision is always yours….and the courage comes when you decide…

      1. writeshefali says:

        True nobody owns you… some could also take them as excuses for not deciding n taking up the courage… Nice knowing your views… have a lovely time ahead… Happy Blogging 😊👍

    3. shreyans says:

      Yes you are right…and it is all my pleasure..your thoughts are really good..keep visiting and blogging…enjoy..

  5. TalkaholicMe says:

    For Doing right take a might but not plight.. it is a very difficult question sometimes as what is correct and whats not..

  6. shreyans says:

    No its not…you always know what is correct, just that you lack the courage to admit the correct….and if you take that step then rest will be very easy….

  7. Mabel Kwong says:

    Another thought-provoking write from you, Shreyans. RIght from the get-go this piece grabbed me. “This world around us, is built from lie”. I think there is some truth to this. A lot of the time we are told one thing or promised something by someone yet they let us down in the end. It could be a friendship or love gone wrong. Or it could be someone trying to get ahead of us in the corporate world. And so we may be afraid to move forward in fear of getting hurt.
    But being hurt and moving forward, we learn the most. “Don’t just see but look deeper” When we stand up and do what we feel like doing while ignoring others around us, only then we will find what we are truly capable of with ourselves and find out what makes us truly happy.

  8. shreyans says:

    Yes what you said is indeed the truth. But about world being made of lies, here I infer about the true success and true happiness, we are generally made to believe that money is success, or getting degrees is education, or graduating from a great college is something which defines you. But all these are lies, and when you realize this then you will notice that everything around has traces of lies in them. Only the wise will then have courage to breakdown the lies and find the truth..
    Thank you so much for reading the post..

    1. Mabel Kwong says:

      Agreed. Achievements and awards don’t define us wholly. Sure, they may say what we are capable of and what we can achieve, but at the end of the day, others will usually remember us for how we made them feel – be it through a face-to-face encounter or through a speech. Breaking down lies can be hard because we don’t like feeling the unfamiliar but when we have the courage to do so and experience experiences outside of the box, we will then find satisfaction 😉

  9. Sha'Tara says:

    You got it. It’s called self empowerment.

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank u…i m glad i did…

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