do you know God ?..

A father was returning from a temple with his son, he knew that the ride towards home will not be fun because there will be lots and lots of questions which his son will have. Without waiting for long the son asked his father-
Father, how many gods are there in total?
Because we have one at home. And if that is the same god then why do we come to temple? And if they are gods, and they are so powerful then why don’t they talk to us?
The father replied-
God don’t talk to us directly, but god talks through our heart. The first few questions, which were not answerable by the father, were skipped brilliantly.
The son asked again-
But if god speaks through our hearts then why do we even go to temple? We can just talk to him by listening to our heart.
The father replied-
Talking is not enough, we should pay visit to god daily.
The son asked-
But it is said that god is formless and also we can find him everywhere. So why only temple?
The father replied-
By going to the temple and doing rituals we are conveying our love to god. It is just a way to show our devotion.
The son inquired-
So if we are skipping it sometimes then it is okay right? I’m sure god is understanding.
The father replied-
Yes, Of course. For god everyone is equal, whether he is going to temple or not. But we should go anyways.
The son was not satisfied by the answers and he tried to think of a way in which he can find the truth from his father.
The next day when they were going to the temple the son asked his father to skip because he wanted to go play in the park. The father could not have disagreed because he only told him earlier that it is okay to skip temple sometimes.
They were returning to home but the father was feeling dissatisfied. He was not able to take his mind from the temple. He told his son that they should go to the temple.
The son said-
Are you scared father?
Do you think that if we don’t go then something bad will happen?
Do you fear god?
The father was speechless and stunned.
The son finally asked-
Father, Do you even know god?

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    Do you even know God? – powerful!

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