dont let your drinks control you…

There is nothing wrong in drinking alcohol if you are doing it only occasionally. This is a statement made by many who drink just to be cool, because they are really uncool when they are not drunk and that is also according to them.
But here is a test for every drinker and they can try it just to see the level of their drinking. So here it is.
Suppose you are going out for a couple of drinks with your friends. You don’t have to do anything, just don’t drink.
Tell your friends that you are not in the mood. Do this exercise for your next two outings. And then analyze your behavior when you were just avoiding your drink and looking at your friends drinking.
Did you feel regret?
Were you able to control yourself?
Just ponder about the answers to these questions and you will know whether you are in control of your drinking or your drinking is controlling you.
Frankly speaking in most cases it is the drink that controls you and that should never be the case.
But if you think that you are in control of your drinking then drinking is fine but first take this test.
And even if you don’t want to stop drinking just take this test to just know your drinking status.
Don’t let your drinks control you and you will do just fine.

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  1. Maxine Dodd, artist says:

    A really interesting post. I expect many people would struggle with this test, especially in a social context when friends are drinking. It can be difficult for them to accept that you don’t want to drink and the pressure to ‘keep up’ and in the UK, to stay in a ’round’ where everyone in the group has to take their turn to pay for everyone’s drink at least once in the evening also makes this socially bad-mannered. I like your idea though and I’m sure if you state this to your friends clearly from the outset, they should respect your wish. Perhaps another idea is to see if your group of friends would be prepared to take the test together? That could be fun too! Great post, thank you! 😀

    1. shreyans says:

      thank you very much for reading..

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