A lot is happening around and I can’t help but wonder, when does it stop? And suddenly I realize that it is just the beginning. I often hear people say that we are nearing the end and it is going to be dreadful. I reject their imbibed opinions right away. Many of us do. Yet, subconsciously it settles somewhere in our neural network. During times like these, we start to believe those opinions about the world ending and nature’s revenge. And why not? It’s hard to not believe in “GOD” while you are shaking in an earthquake. One mighty blow of nature and we are dead. And during that mighty blow, if a belief in “GOD” gives you even a slight chance to live, then why not?

I just imagined the horrors people had to go through during the world war. It was worse than a disease. It was a mental virus that led to mass killings and a dent for a lifetime on humanity. Still, we have grown. We have made technological advancements and political developments. I wonder if people at that time worried about the future. Of course, they did. They couldn’t comprehend what their other fellow beings were doing. They hid and they hoped for things to get better. Hope comes from a belief. And belief comes from the unseen and unknown “GOD”.

The world recovered from war, it will definitely recover from this virus. The question is, will we recover from our unrealistic belief system and unreasonable agendas? Is there a scope left for further evolution? Of course, there is. How would “GOD” come into being if humans stop evolving?

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