Faith’s eternal sunshine- Book review

Faith’s Eternal Sunshine

How long can you keep your faith if you are trapped forever?

The line itself says a lot about this wonderful book written by Aashish Gupta. It is a quick read and it is very interesting and fascinating. There is no point in the book where the reader will be bored.

 The story is of an atheist girl Manjiri and her friend Manu. The story revolves around questions on god and faith. It focuses on the meaning of real faith which is absent in today’s society. And it states that it requires a lot to first have true faith and then experience the magic of it.

 Every situation and dilemma is explained beautifully in the story. After every page there is a lot to think about as a reader. You might go into your mind too deep to find out the truth. It is also an inspiring story as it makes one realize the beauty of life.

 I would give the book 4.5 stars out of 5 and would recommend everyone to read it. It surely holds the power to give you a new and better perspective on god, faith, and life.

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