Final Goodbye


I was walking down the road one day
Raindrops falling over my head
My shoes covered in mud
And I was thinking
Looking at the sky above
I have a family waiting
At my home
There also it is raining
And I connect with them
Through the sky and the rains
I leave tomorrow
To finally meet them
To cherish moments that I have missed
But I don’t regret
It was my choice
To serve a bigger purpose
A greater love
As I walk I hear someone from behind
Calling my name
I look behind
And there he is
My dear friend
When I was all alone far away from my family
He was with me
Our solitude made us friends
We tried to make up for those missed moments
We laughed, we cried
It was like a home away from home
I called him in a loud voice
Looking at him
‘I am leaving man’, I said.
He gave me cheer with a thumbs up
I again got lost in my thoughts
Of finally seeing my two-year-old daughter
and my loving wife
I look back to find ashes
No sight of human life
My laughter from before still on my face
And I run as the ashes fly with the wind
I run to bid my friend a final goodbye.

One thought on “Final Goodbye”

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    A bittersweet poem, Shreyans. But a very emotive poem. Great piece as usual. Hope you’ve been well.

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