Find the source…

India is a country known for its moral history. We are often told that our 
ancestors believed in nonviolence. Our religious texts teaches us to live 
in harmony with each other. Yet we always fail to stay away from violence.
Over the years we have adopted violence within us and we keep feeding it 
with our materialistic desires. This violence is being created within us and
we are spreading it within ourselves creating more violence and hatred.

Great minds of the past, some 2000 years back, believed in nonviolence. They
smartly identified the source of violence. They used common sense and 
discussed issues. They realized that in order to survive we need to accept 
each other's opinions. Be it anyone, you need to respect everyone's views
and discuss. 

Those who often fail to understand other person's views and opinions, start 
spreading hatred and violence. They get angry very easily. They get annoyed
very easily. They get so frustrated with some one else's opinion that they
start hating that person. This anger slowly and gradually manifests itself
into violence.

This hatred and violence can be ignored if both the people involved in it 
are adults. Adults can differ in opinions. They can also hate someone and 
be angry at someone. But when an adult expresses its anger on a child or 
maybe someone who is not mature enough to understand anger, then the anger 
will lead to violence.

We need to understand opinions from the source. The root cause of it. Then,
we need to find a way to make peace with the person who has that opinion. As
easy it might sound, it is the hardest thing to do. But it helps. It takes 
you closer to life and closer to yourself. 

You have got a mind that is capable of so many wonderful things. It is in 
your hands to use it efficiently. Anger and violence eats up your mind. True
knowledge makes it powerful and peaceful. For a child it is most important 
to stay away from any type of violence be it mental or physical. If exposed 
to extreme violence and hate a child's mind could suffer serious damage.

Adults also get equally affected by violence. They will not express it 
openly but they will suffer it within themselves. This results in suicide 
and mental illness. The mind is our most important tool in life. Hope that
we all use it wisely.

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