Free within the mind…

She came rushing inside the house breathing heavily. Fear was dancing on her face. She directly went to her room without talking to anyone.

What was there to talk?

Some men kept looking at her on the bus stop. So what?

They can look. They have their own eyes and a right to look.

But why was she feeling as if in a cage.?

It was the same feeling as when in the childhood we had bad dreams about being alone in the jungle and all the animals chasing us from different directions. She felt exactly the same. But she was helpless.

She might have told her parents, but she knew that nothing will change. It was not just the bus stop. These happenings followed her everywhere, only the faces changed.

The next day when she went for a walk, she heard whispers, of men talking. She knew they were looking at her and were talking about her. She increased her speed. Once they were out of sight she took a deep breath.

She was sitting on the bus stop and was looking worried. She knew some eyes were still following her. But she never looked in another direction, she just kept looking downwards until the bus arrived.

Almost 69 years have passed, since we, as a country got freedom. But as she was sitting in the bus she was not free. She was caged by those eyes which followed her every step. She was scared of what might happen next.

But at the same time, a war started inside her, a war demanding freedom, not as a country, but freedom of the soul. Those eyes will soon suffer the blow of the mightiest power.

And it is not the fight of women. It is the fight of every single soul who deserves to be free. Free not just by boundaries but free within the mind.

0 thoughts on “Free within the mind…”

  1. womenincloset says:

    Alas! If only the world could shed more light on slavery of mind! It’s eating away people from inside, silently and no one cares. Unless they see an ulcer on the outside, a broken rib, a bruised elbow, they aren’t gonna believe your pain. You are an excuse and nothing else.

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes true..we can only hope for things to get better and put efforts from our side..thank you for reading..

  2. Meenakshi Sethi says:

    Good initiative via posting such things! Great job 👍

  3. Shweta Suresh says:

    Beautiful. A post that hit all the right notes. Without every uttering a word, such actions can cause great hurt and the worst part that most people don’t realize how much an individual can be affected.

    1. shreyans says:

      thank you so much..really glad you connected with it..

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