freedom to die….

There was a child, a normal regular child, with a bit of innocence and a charming mischievousness. A slight correction though, he was not perfect, and no one is actually, but his imperfect parents were really disappointed with him.
How dare he was so imperfect in the world full of perfect individuals, or should I say, why wasn’t he imperfect in a way like others were ? Why was he so different?

For the parents, his abilities were less important, they were more focused on his weaknesses. That was the starting point of his cutting away from this perfect world, so devastated was his self respect, he was standing on his feet, but from inside he was on his knees, completely thrashed.

His limitations kept haunting him forever, but his fidelity towards his parents was still prevailing. He thought as if he was caged in this free world.

They all were afraid of death, he was afraid of life. He was found hanged a few days later, going against his parents seemed a lot more  difficult to him than dying.

They judged him, ridiculed him.
But who cared what went on his mind?
No one.
We demand freedom to live and express, but for some,  being free is to die.
Why can’t we accept their freedom?
If not, then why in the first place create such violent surroundings that for one to be free, death seems to be the only option.
What is the point of your life, if it has to survive within the walls made from maledictions of judgemental people?
It takes courage to live, absolutely true, no doubt about that.
But have you ever wondered how much courage one needs to die?
Think for yourself..

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  1. Aishwarya says:

    Dark…makes me wonder…courage to die…

    1. shreyans says:

      Don’t you think so? I mean it must take real courage to hang yourself right ?…

      1. Aishwarya says:

        I don’t know about the strength it takes to do that! The real question is, is it worth it?

  2. shreyans says:

    Worth for whom? I mean the one who is dead will not know anything right?
    Only the living ones will condemn that decision….but for the one who is gone words like worth will not carry any significance..

  3. iamioana says:

    That is why you need first to live. That for you can be able to die. Living is not something everyone do, being alive is amazing. After you really live, you will have the straight to die. kisses 🙂

  4. shreyans says:

    Absolutely true, but some do carry the mindset that they are being selfish when they are living according to their own terms, and hence they chose to not live, that is also very courageous but sad. The responsibility is of the society to provide freedom, so that each individual can blossom like a flower..
    Thank you so much iona for reading…
    Do keep in touch..

  5. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Nah! It doesn’t take much courage to die to pull the triger. I swear. All it takes much courage to live.
    Trust me when I was in my severe depressive state I used to think like that. I tried a couple of times too. But God kept me alivw, because he did not create me so that i can die he created me so that I can enjoy my life. We all are imperfect. That’s why we have men and women each complimenting the other. Mind it not equal but complimentary to each other. I kmow that at that point of my life no ones advice actually helped me. But I was looking for help. And no one could satisfy me. You want to feel death but you cant die that’s one craziest feelings of the world. I would have shared my past with you. But why when I can just tell you how to live? And just lI’ve but be perfect. And enjoying your life. That my friend is a gift from Jesus Christ. I dont know if you can or you cannot. But if you fall on your knees and ask Jeusus Christ thr Son of God to save you otherwise you’ll die, just like I said in one of the most hopeless days of my life. He will come down from Heaven to take you in his arms. To lift you up on his shoulder and to let you know what love is. Trust me the love that you have nit received can be compensated and its more. Earthly love is just selfish its just expectations embedded on it. Heavenly love is just love and freedom to choose to love your life your God and everyone else. You dont have to believe me if you dont want to. Believe in the words that God spoke to you through me, for if you dare to believe in Jesus, your faith will change your life. See I’m perfect now. I’m perfect not by myself or by my old poem writings or song writing. I’m perfected by God. Our creator. I mean only who is perfect can make you perfect right? God is perfect and if you take shelter in him he will make you perfect too. God bless. Hallelujah.

    1. shreyans says:

      i am talking about those who have no hope left in life, you had hope and that is why your attempts failed, but you don’t know what it feels to be without any hope. And i see you do believe in god, can you please explain to me about people dying in accidents and other hazards everyday? why do god is not saving them, when they themselves want to live….it all depends on luck, and for those who have no hope left, for them dying is really the only option, they use their courage to take that step..
      thank you for reading..

    2. shreyans says:

      I have nothing to say…just stay with you belief if its helping you..and I will stay with mine since I am happy with point in conversation when belief comes in..the logic goes out…

      1. ofhisgloryblog says:

        Haha okay friend no problem. God bless you. May someday you experience the Love of Jesus Christ, because it’s awesome and thats what changed am aethist like my old me to a follower of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah tc

  6. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Friend, I do not know by as I have included so many links it may so happen that it go to your spam folder, but I believe you must read it, every single word of it, to feel it. And trust me there is hope even for the hopeless, if a dead man can raise from dead by the power of God, then yes a living one can certainly get his life back.
    God Bless Amen

  7. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Friend, me showing you my hell, does not mean that I support suicide, I do not I can shout it, I do not.
    You can give me million reason to die, ill give one to live, and that is Jesus Christ.
    His love has conquered me, made me perfect. I do not care what the world thinks of me, for my creator has lifted me high, he has written my name in his own palms, he has pounced it to the whole world, that even through you where dead, I made you alive, so that you can be live to love.

  8. shreyans says:

    hello, i can’t possibly believe you until i know your story. I am sure god must have come to you, or you must have seen him. Because i Don’t see any other way in which one’s belief in god is justified. i think you are lucky to survive, and you think of it as miracle. and i too don’t support suicide, but for me the one who is hanging himself has lots of valid reasons and is very courageous to do what he is doing..and you are claiming of god, but still haven’t answered my question. you are sharing me links, clearly you are believing in what those links say but you don’t understand it, otherwise you would have directly answered my questions. always remember belief is bad, you can have faith but rejecting other possibilities is not right. you should accept that you don’t know who helped you, it may be god or something else, it may be certain person who stood by you. i am really happy that you chose to live, but i will ask you to not spread your belief. just share your exact happenings and people will take their lessons with their own understanding.and please answer my question if you know its answer, don’t give me links..
    and since i don’t believe in getting something from prayers, you should not waste them on me..
    thank you for replying

  9. shreyans says:

    and i read your blogs, you haven’t mentioned how did god helped you, you just think that it was god, but you don’t know it, you just believe it, so yes there is a big chance that you might be wrong..please tell everyone how you got motivated instead of telling them it was god..tell them to help themselves and not expect any help from god..

  10. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Thanks for reading my blogs.
    Well can a person a normal person bow down in front of you and in front of everyone and wash your feet? Can they kiss them even when they are so elderly? I dont think so many priests can be wrong on Maundy Thursday. My feet was washed too. And when the ceremony was going on I felt the presence of God. I felt Jesus Christ washing my feet. What more proof do I need to still unbelief? I tried myself to get out of my troubles I even visited many phycatrists. They were also no help.

  11. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Until one day when I begged God to help, and the day he helped me. And from that day my situation got automatically improving. My relationships that were broken and were hurting me they got mended automatically. Only God can do that.

  12. ofhisgloryblog says:

    Its because our lives are in between the warzone of Godly and Satanic forces. Now Satan always wants to hurt us, he stays behind and wants us to be busy with suffering so that we can sin and be slaves of sin and loose control of ourselves. He never comes out in the open field. So when we are not with God, we are vulnarable to the attacks of Satan, but when are with God God protects us. Now you must have this question why did not god chose to protect us before? Because God is love and he does not forces us in anything. Satan forces us. See all I’m trying to say is Satan wants to make us slaves. God wants to make us Children. So now u think from both point of view what would you have done if you were God and you want your children back, will you force them? Or you want them back as they want to be when they want to be. And think from Satan’s side too he wants to make us slave, so the best way to make us slave is to take away our peace, disease accidents etc right. Now u judge.
    Anyways God bless you. Hallelujah

  13. shreyans says:

    I am not too sure about that…but I hope you have a proper reason for your belief..

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