Gone are those days…


The wind was so different then,

There was a fragrance in it,

Of love and innocence,

The heart used to dance in zeal,

When the grains of sand mingled,

With falling raindrops,

The mind used to wonder in awe,

By looking at the stars twinkling in the night,

At that time,

Dreams were created,

In every single moment,

Fear was like a stranger back then,

It never looked into those eyes,

It was afraid may be,

Something different used to flow,

In the space that time,

That time still stirs the mind,

And it still feels fresh,

When the mind wanders into that dreamland,

Which was for real back then,

Right now,

The rain is falling,

The wind is blowing,

But that fragrance is missing,

I guess,

Gone are those days…

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  1. kiranmag says:

    Got carried with your words 😊

    1. shreyans says:

      That was a big compliment..thank you

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