i am fearful

not of my sins

but of not knowing

what is a sin?

i have hurt many

sane and insane

that has kept me up at nights

i manufacture guilt

until I forget

the deed itself

one night when I was sitting

i saw a dog on the street

chasing a cat

in seconds the blood was spilled

i assumed a mouse laughing

at this stroke of fate

either it was a dead cat

or a dead mouse

what was more dreadful?

for me it was the fact

that the dog did not have any guilt

but I did

for watching the crime scene

and doing nothing

i could have stopped the dog

and then could have served the hungry dog

you know what

there are many dogs

i can’t feed them all

even if the cat was saved

it’s not over

i would have to save the mouse

thinking all this

i fall asleep

i don’t know what a sin is

i am fearful

and I just mean well.

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