Happy Children’s Day


On 14th March 1879, he was born. It was an occasion of celebration. Everybody in the family was happy. He was just a child but he was not viewed in that light. He couldn’t speak for many years and it was perceived as abnormal behavior. Adding to that he had a unique and big head which was assumed as some kind of deformity. An innocent child burdened with the pressures to be normal. The society mocked him, only to be embarrassed by this child later who went on and became the greatest physicist the world has ever seen. His name was Albert Einstein. Nobody including his family and his school saw what he really was. Everybody was seeking normal and nobody valued his genius. He got dropped from the college and he had to work in a patent office as a clerk. And one day in the year 1905 he published four papers in physics while still working in the patent office. Those papers revolutionized entire science and technology. It took years of study and research to understand what he wrote and many years later he was proved right experimentally. The question is, why expect normal from a genius?

Children are the most innocent souls. Why do we burden them with unwanted pressures? A child blossoms only without pressure. Without pressure, there is freedom. I see parents burden their children with all kinds of pressures. At a very young age they want their children to be a master in everything, be it sports or studies. They decide their children’s future even before they are born. Many parents put their own dreams on their children’s heads. I see children going to school and then to tuitions. Their entire day passes in doing something. We haven’t left anytime for them to wonder. We have killed their curiosity. I don’t see children asking questions today. I just see them answering.


Today, I see cases of exploitation of a child both mentally and physically. Children aren’t even aware of it. They just act out of fear. Fear of beating or scolding. They do their homework on time just to avoid beating in school and they learn by heart everything without understanding just to get good marks and avoid scolding from their parents. What kind of system have we created? The joy of learning has been killed by us. The curiosity is thrown away in the garbage. We are gradually turning our children into machines. In all this, we often forget the basic thing a child needs, love.

When Albert Einstein was a child, his father bought him a compass one day to lighten his mood. He was awestruck by the way its needle moved. He got very curious to find out the reason behind it. That compass ignited his interest in physics and from that day onwards he started learning physics and mathematics. One little compass was enough for him. Your child also needs to regain its curiosity. Schools need to diversify education and create awareness among parents that life is not covered in five subjects. Your child needs to find its own path and that can be anything. You should not push your child. You should just rekindle the curiosity and let your child ask questions.

There are many fields and subjects that can interest your child. Let your child be curious and let him ask why? Einstein also asked why? Issac Newton, born 200 years before Albert Einstein, was young Albert’s childhood inspiration. Even that didn’t stop Albert Einstein to ask questions. Later Albert Einstein explained the real meaning and understanding of gravitation, which Newton discovered. Einstein went one step ahead only because he was inspired by Newton. This children’s day we need to wake up and realize. We need to kindle our children’s curiosity. We need to give them wings. We need to let them fly free in any direction they want. We need to love them. We need to let them be as they are. We need to awake our inner child. We need to restore childhood in our children.


Happy Children’s Day.

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    Beautiful piece…!!! Truely inspirational and an eye opener. 👌

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