Happy Diwali

With hardly any sleep last night, I dragged my body through the day like a 
sluggard. My body was tired and it was difficult to move. My mind was almost
blank with only a few thoughts. Most of them negative. How do one 
differentiate between negative and positive thoughts? I generally feel my 
heart. If it feels heavy then the thoughts are negative. I have this notion
that negative thoughts are heavier in weight and they are more complex. 

It is pre-diwali phase and it doesn't feel like it. Diwali is celebrated 
because on the same day the great lord rama returned to ayodhya after 14 
years of exile. It was a big reason to celebrate. Diyas were lit all around
to welcome the lord. Celebration was due to a reason. A reason to be happy.
Now, all around me I see people struggling to find a reason this diwali.
All their reasons are found in money. When lord rama arrived nobody was 
told to light the diyas. It started with a few houses and the wave of 
happiness propagated. The only wave I see propagating today is the wave of
wants and needs. Lamps have lost their powers. Darkness has quite
comfortably settled within us. Minds have succumbed to the tunes of power.
I feel isolated and connected with everything around at the same time. 

My mind wanders for some time. My ears catch a susurration near by. A few
kids on the street are giggling and enjoying the sight of the rocket going 
up. It is the curiosity of how it happens that lights their eyes. In that 
little flight they were creating dreams. It was the same curiosity that 
people had back then. Everybody waited eagerly for Ram's return after his
victory over evil. In essence everyone wanted to touch positivity. Over the
years this festival is losing its meaning and only we are to blame. With 
people desiring money by worshipping goddess laxmi, they have made their 
intentions clear. All they need is money.

Back then it was believed that goddess laxmi likes cleanliness and therefore
people did cleaning before diwali,including their homes and souls. Today, 
they believe that laxmi enters the clean houses first. In this process of 
cleaning houses they forget to clean their souls. Laxmi may enter your clean
house but how will laxmi enter your soul. We have only ourselves to blame.
We have made diwali the biggest celebration across the world but at the same
time we have ruined its meaning. 

I continue walking with my heavy heart. I see small houses lit with diyas. 
Children making beautiful rangolis outside their houses. Again, I witness 
curiosity and enthusiasm on their faces. My heart lifts up a little. 
Positivity shines a little more. Maybe it is not too late. We still can get
back on track. I bought some chocolates for the children and distributed. I 
recorded their reactions in my mind. My heart got very light. It was ready
to fly.

We might have lost the essence and meaning to diwali but we didn't lose our
soul. Now is the time we can light a lamp within and burn the negativity. We
can clean our soul with our houses. Richness is not always about having 
money. Diwali is all about the richness of soul. It is not about good 
against evil. It is about the value that goodness holds and the rise of soul
.It is still pre-diwali phase but I feel that the time is less. The soul 
needs a lot of cleaning, the mind needs a lot of wondering, and the heart
needs to fly. I sleep through the night in the hope to see my heart fly in 
the morning. In essence diwali is all about having hope.

Happy Diwali

2 thoughts on “Happy Diwali”

  1. Charlie Jain says:

    How simply I have recollected the actual essence of Diwali through your words.

  2. Kalpana Jain says:

    finely we got positiveness and feel happy. Happy Diwali

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