High on life

I close my eyes and hear the water thrashing the sand
I stretch my legs and feel the warm water
I open my eyes and look at the sun dipping in the middle of the sea
I don’t see my phone buzzing as I lay down at the shore
and become a part of myself

I see and hear everything, yet, I don’t see and hear
It feels as if my soul is shedding tears of joy
I feel weightless, I feel numb
Yet, I don’t feel afraid

I realize the world is running and I see myself witnessing it
I see the sunlight fading away bringing the stars into picture
I see the water getting better at singing
And the birds flying on the tunes of the water

It might be all just a dream like the ones I often have
When I’m sitting on my bed and reading a book
What we see is after all just videos and images playing inside our eyes
What’s out there, may not be there, I feel what I perceive

Slowly, I’m losing my interest in everything, I want to stay in this bliss, Forever, because I love the way I feel
And I would feel this way in my bedroom
I have the camera in me and also the memory
I just close my eyes and get lost in my dreams
I can see the trees, tall and reaching for the sky
I can feel the wind caressing my eyes and I don’t feel them far away
I feel them as if in my bed, right next to me
It doesn’t make sense, yet, somehow, it makes the most sense
Weird, one might call it
It is like transcending from the physical to I don’t know what
It is funny and real, more real than reality, more believable than myths

It is freedom, I realize
My mind wandered and wandered, as the body traveled
And once the body sat, the mind stopped and the thoughts flew
Strange, yet, true
I feel I’m at every place and I haven’t moved an inch
Making sense of somethings took me to the world beyond sense
Most of us wonder, if it’s there or not
I’m not drinking, Neither I’m stoned
I’m just, What one might call in fancy terms,
“High on life”.

3 thoughts on “High on life”

  1. Shweta Suresh says:

    High on life. That’s a great feeling. Memories are all we have to explore right now. Beautifully written. Hang in there.

  2. Jyoti says:

    Beautifully written!!

  3. Charlie Jain says:

    Such beautiful words..!! ♥️♥️

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