I still had hope…..

He was shouting on her, maligning her badly like a despot, I moved on further. I was walking on the side of a very narrow road, with old houses on both sides of it. I was just observing everything around, I was feeling contrite.I still had hope.

Further ahead, a man was  being thrashed by five others, he had not paid his rent, and they were throwing him out of his house. I tried to palliate the situation, but it was impossible. But nevertheless, I still had hope.

There was irreverence all around, as I walked I found on one side of the road beggars sitting. They seemed to be in a very bad state, there dreaming brain was defunct. My thoughts were wrestling in my mind, trying to achieve equanimity. I still had hope.

To exacerbate the situation there came a little boy, his clothes were covered in mud, lips dry, eyes red. His eyes were asking questions, what did he do to deserve this life? My hope was now on the verge of dying, it didn’t get its food of happiness , and it was about to leave.

I thought of helping that little boy before killing hope, it was my last attempt to save it, and to restore it in this egregious world.

I offered him something to eat from my bag, at first he was a little reluctant, but I insisted. He accepted the food and started eating, the sadness in his eyes was still there, and my hope was still taking its last breaths.

After eating the food he walked away, that meal satisfied his hunger for food but not his curiosity, his eyes were still sad.

A few seconds later, the boy turned back, I was still standing at the exact same spot, my thoughts kept me busy. The little boy looked at me, and a beautiful smile danced on his lips, his eyes seemed a little less sad.

My thoughts now were exhorting each other, that smile had a huge impact on me.

I walked further on my journey, and I still had hope.

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      1. sharmaankit09 says:

        Would be fun to read more from u 🙂
        Do visit my posts ! I hope u like them 🙂

      2. shreyans says:

        Yes sure..i will check..
        Keep writing..

  1. Aishwarya says:

    An act of kindness is the most satisfying feeling… I’m happy you gave him a smile… I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet a beautiful soul like you through the blog! 🙂

  2. shreyans says:

    Actually you are a beautiful soul yourself, and that is why you are able to see it in my blogs..thank you for reading…

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