In the heart…

It was a bad day at school, she was maligned by her classmates again, her only fault was that she looked ugly. She was only 16 years old, and every day when she left for school, she knew that she had to fight, in order to survive. And most of the time she prevented any banters with her classmates by staying away, but she had to sit and learn with them. Somewhere in her mind she accepted her situation, because she had much more in her than every one around. She had a curious mind with immense potential to learn.
On the way home she was pondering about her life, and suddenly one of her classmates “Arjun”  came rushing towards her. He opened his bottle and poured water all over her head and then ran away.
After few seconds, his friends came and they all started laughing together.
“She is still dirty”, one of Arjun’s friend commented.
“don’t worry, next time I will make her clean”, Arjun replied.
“Now please give me my money”, he demanded.
It was a victory for Arjun, he won the bet, but for her it was humiliating. And she cried after reaching her home. In the night she was not able to sleep, she was feeling disgusted.
The next day when she entered the class, everybody started laughing over the previous day’s incident. The teacher came inside and everybody dipped their heads in their books.
It was Mr jacob’s period, he was a very good professor. And she liked him very much, he taught really well according to her. And she could ask anything from him and he will answer gracefully.
Mr Jacob was teaching about properties of light, and how do we see objects and nature.
“Sir”, she raised her hand and called.
“yes dear”, please ask.
“sir, how can I be sure that the way I see a particular thing or colour, everybody else sees it in the same way?”, she asked in a firm voice.
“well, what do you mean”, Mr Jacob inquired.
“Sir, suppose the garden outside is green, and I see it as green, but someone else might be seeing it in a different colour, how can I then be sure that my green is same as the other person’s green?”, she asked confidently.
“dear, it is a very thoughtful question, but you see every colour has a different wavelength which can be measured experimentally, and hence the colour green also has a particular wavelength, and so that wavelength will be same for you and the other observer, since the garden reflects only that wavelength”, Mr Jacob answered.
“but sir, even if the wavelength Is same, there is a possibility that what I see as green, can be different from what that other person sees. The other person might see my green as his or her blue. And hence what we see, is actually dependent on us.”, she replied.
Mr Jacob took a deep breath and pondered for a few seconds.
And then said, “ you might have a point in that girl”.
She then asked, “ so sir, is it then possible that what we see, is only our projection of something, and it may not be the truth.”
“ yes definitely, it doesn’t have to be the truth”, Mr Jacob replied.
The class started giggling and Arjun stabbed her with his book and said, “ stop, you dumbo.”
She didn’t hesitated.
She asked Mr jacob again, “ sir, so what I see as beautiful and dirty is just my perspective, and it is my perspective which is dirty if I see something as dirty?”
She looked at Arjun while saying this, as if she was making a statement.
“ yes, absolutely right dear”. Mr jacob nodded.
“Dirty are the eyes that sees dirty, and beautiful are the eyes that sees beauty”, Mr jacob stated.
The bell rang, and she went towards the door smiling. She looked at Arjun and he ignored her. He was looking embarrassed.
She was a girl, who had dreams, and she was beautiful. She has no name in particular, she lies in the heart of every girl.

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  1. Vinayak Gupta says:

    Very Beautiful Story and a very Calm answer to the Guy !!!
    Silent people have the loudest mind and on the other hand calling other people ugly doesn’t make you prettier.. 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much vinayak..really glad that you connected with it..

  2. kiranmag says:

    Heartfelt story. ..what moves me the most the quote “Dirty are the eyes that see dirty , beautiful are the eyes that see beauty “

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes..but you must have heard it before..i like this line too..and that was the reason to develop the story..thank you for reading..

      1. kiranmag says:

        No need to say thank you Shreyans …it’s indeed a powerful and impressive read.

  3. radhikasreflection says:

    Beautiful story with a strong message Shreyans.But I strongly believe parents should sensitize children to look beyond physical beauty of another.

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes absolutely is very important..but many parents dont believe in this..they believe in external beauty more..anyways thank you for reading..

  4. Akhila says:

    I really appreciate you for posting this.. That girl will survive every hurdles in her life as she knows how to perceive things..

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you akhila..your words means a lot..

      1. Akhila says:

        Most welcome

  5. Shweta Suresh says:

    Great story! Absolutely loved it. 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you shweta…i am really glad that you liked..

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