just a ray of wisdom…

I was a little nefarious back then, but this fact always remained hidden because of my reticence.
But with the passing of time I realized that there is no value for anything out there, your imperfections will be judged all the time, your gregariousness will be destroyed by the rules governing the society.
And if we go to the background of these rules, we will see no foundation to it, as if we are living in a very unsafe position, but we don’t have enough courage to be safe.
It feels like our body is free but the mind is caged, the thoughts are still alive though. We tried really hard to be ignorant, but that dim light of wisdom still is being travelling in our mind, trying to convince the nescient neurons to come back to her.
Every one was laughing around, on the imperfections of each other, pointing out their inabilities. But I didn’t understood what happened suddenly, that ray of wisdom changed something.
Everyone was still laughing but I stopped. I realized how silly I was, I maligned everyone around. But now when I am under the cover of wisdom, I feel that all this time I was just maligning myself, all the maledictions which I threw at others came back returning to me, and slapping me on my face. Everyone stopped laughing and went back to their own paths, to their routine life, to malign each other. I was just standing there, looking around and not laughing, just a faint smile signifying nothing but wisdom.

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  1. Copper Cranes says:

    I absolutely love this Shreyans. “just a ray of wisdom” echoes the idea of stepping outside the comfort zone that has been predetermined by others for us. I think once realized, it’s impossible to be part of the maligning behavior of the crowd any longer. A wonderfully insightful write. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend, take care. ~ Mia

  2. shreyans says:

    Thank you Mia…i am really glad that you liked it…your appreciation means a lot..

  3. Copper Cranes says:

    You’re most welcome. Please enjoy the week.

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