Life flew away.

As I walk and run ahead
My skin gets abraded with the dust
With the dust of crushed earth and stone
With the dust of facts and beliefs
They impugned my honor
By throwing dust on my face
My hands got macerated
As I washed my face again and again
Time flew by and the dust kept accumulating
Then one day I turned back
I traveled the entire road back
To find the source of dust
The illusion was persistent but breakable
The brain itself was the source
The dust was not because of the stones
Nor it was because of the lies
The only problem was with the brain
It believed blindly
Without giving second thoughts, it believed
Now the eyes saw clearly and far away
I just stood there with time and life flew away.

0 thoughts on “Life flew away.”

  1. indishe says:

    Beautiful thought

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much

  2. Asha Seth says:

    Spoken fairly, and that’s for me too.

  3. shreyans says:

    Glad we think similar.;)

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