life…..short or long ?

Life- short or long?

Life is too short, or is it too long?  This question is really perplexing , and one will get lost in it if he starts pondering about it. Well for some, it might not be that difficult a question, but it really is. When I was sitting outside in the garden, and I went into thinking about things, imagining things, figuring about why things happen, I ended up with disappointment due to the fact that I might not live long enough to witness reality in its novel form.


I mean there is so much out there, like if I wonder about how do we see? Well, it is quite simple actually. The light from a object reflects back to our eye and hence we see it, but the main question is how do we see light?  And suddenly I realize that I don’t know. I try to find the answer on the internet but I end up with no response. And then I start wondering, whether I will ever know about this thing. And slowly it becomes so frustrating , I lose all my interest in other things.


So life to me in those moments seems short, but there is yet another important realization. When I know that I have to live this short life with a lot of frustration, I tend to feel that the moments have stretched up a bit, and if I combine all those moments then life will become longer, since each moment of anger and regret seems to be longer than usual. So then what, is life short or long?


Later, after pondering about my two different realizations, I came to another important realization, the most important one. I now realize that, it is all relative, life is too short if we live, and too long if we waste it. As when I was curious about things, life for me was short. But as soon as I started regretting things, I found that each moment has become very difficult, and that seemed to me as life becoming longer. But life is actually the same, it is our perspective of it that makes it short or long.


Later I again went back to thinking, and now I was wondering which to prefer, short or long?  And that didn’t took too long, the options were quite simple. And anyone is free to chose whatever he feels is right.  So decide for yourself.


A short life with big moments of satisfaction and utilization of your mind and skills, and using them to unlock the unknown.


A long life with moments of regret and frustration.

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  1. Aishwarya says:

    Well, to avoid all of it, live each moment like there isn’t going to be another…I think owning your frustrations as much as your joys is the only way to survive this journey!

  2. shreyans says:

    Well obviously we have to own our frustrations, even if we don’t we will anyways end up owning them….but understand here if one is frustrated or angry then at that time he is in no position to own his anger, and he will have to suffer. The sooner he realises that a long frustrated life will not be a sensible decision the better will be for him. And your way is awesome but very hard to stay on it..
    Many thanks for reading..

  3. meharmalhotra says:

    Woah! This was deep! 😍
    Beautiful thoughts on life and yeah it all depends on us of we want to enjoy it or take it as a burden ! :)😊

  4. shreyans says:

    Yes exactly…thank you so much for reading…do keep sharing..

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