Live in a jungle…

It was a jungle,
I was walking slowly,
Absence of worldly gibbering around,
Made my journey peaceful,
Strangely scared I was,
When I saw animals,
Wild and fierce,
Walking on their own land,
The euphonious singing of birds,
Helped me to reduce my fear,
I came out from it,
Feeling perspicacious,
To my own land,
Walking on it,
But not as fiercely,
As those animals,
My thoughts were hymning,
But not as beautifully,
As those birds,
I now wanted,
to live in a jungle…

0 thoughts on “Live in a jungle…”

  1. Akhila says:

    Greenery on the other side…

    1. shreyans says:

      Yes..that is wonderful..

  2. Vinny Idol says:

    Hmm. thought provoking. Are you referring to modern day society?

      1. Vinny Idol says:

        Yes, I got it right. lol thanks for the response.

    1. shreyans says:

      thank you so much..

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