Questions- Series part 1

Sitting with no work, staring at the empty roads from my balcony, accepting that the rush has gone. Mind is numb and thoughts are too lethargic to be relevant. Hardly 30 seconds pass and I start scrolling through social media. I see everyone there. The chaos has been transferred from the roads to our phones and directly into our minds. Opinions which were earlier limited are now available in full stock blurring the idea of truth and killing the opportunity for absolute knowledge. 5 minutes in, and I am engrossed in the noise. People are going bizarre and I can see it with my eyes. The patience level is reduced to 30 seconds. I have read about journeys in books which went on for months before they got to the lessons they were supposed to teach and contentment they were supposed to give, and at the end of those journeys there was peace which resulted from both happiness and sadness, from happiness, peace of fulfillment and from sadness, peace of acceptance. And here, in the virtual world, I find my mind cluttered and bound, as if in prison and even 30 seconds seems like an eternity. This brings me to the questions I want to ask.

Was this the freedom of speech and expression we were seeking?

Is freedom compromised by the desire of freedom?

Can being stuck on a mobile phone for hours be called as freedom?

With all the privileges you have got maybe you are free to do everything that you want but are you free to think of what you want?

In essence, while free from external forces, are you free from your own self?

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  1. Saransh Gaba says:

    Free ??? I lost the real meaning of this word way back….

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