Questions- Series Part 2


I was as usual sitting and wondering and I realized something. Money is a very important factor in everybody’s life. Almost all of our existence revolves around money. While these thoughts ran through my mind, I was occupied with searching for injection, beds, and oxygen for people around me. Making calls, forwarding whatsapps, and hoping to be of some use to someone in need. I was able to talk to people who were just in my contact list and nowhere in my life. I was able to understand the situation at ground level. I could feel the panic people were going through. Later, I got in touch with people with whom I work with, who are in villages due to this lockdown, and what I felt was a complete turnaround. The panic there isn’t as much. They are able to walk and work freely, breathe fresh air and sleep without effort. There isn’t much money there but I could hear a sense of relief in their voice.

The questions:

  1. Is money as important as one thinks?
  2. Why can’t money buy an injection?
  3. Who is more afraid, rich or poor?
  4. What is helping, relationships or money?
  5. What gives more happiness, helping someone or earning money?

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