Questions- Series Part 3


Life is taking a strange turn. We all knew the end was coming but it was still too far in our mind. We thought maybe thousands of years later the world will be destroyed and it won’t matter because we would all die before the real shit happens. Stupidity has been our prime feature. We couldn’t let go of it. We saw humans, exactly similar to us, and then we considered them different and inferior. We still are doing it. We voted and elected governments on that basis. We thought if the majority will be in power, we will be happy. For one single stupid reason we agreed to everything they did. Statues and temples became our pride. But life isn’t simple. It gave us a reality check. When a virus didn’t differentiate between humans and killed everyone, we turned to them. It was our right. But we didn’t let go of the stupidity. They recently said devotees won’t get corona. We agreed.

The questions:

  1. What is more important, Hospital or temple?
  2. Who is more stupid, you or them?
  3. Where are the beds and oxygen?
  4. What would Ram had done in this situation?

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