Quit Smoking



Why do you smoke?

  1. It started because you wanted to try something new and then got addicted
  2. It relaxes your mind and reduces stress
  3. Because it looks cool
  4. to increase efficiency
  5. to not feel left out in a group
  6. to cope up with a personal tragedy
  7. Just for fun

When you first smoke, it can be due to various reasons. The reason can be among the above written or it can be slightly different. But over time one realizes that the major reason to continue smoking is to cope up with stress. Stress can be due to a number of things but smoking relaxes your mind within 10 seconds and no other thing can make your stress go away in such a short time. But the stress only goes away temporarily, after some time it will come back again and you will start craving again. Essentially when you smoke, the nicotine goes right away to your brain and within seconds you feel calm. But when you quit smoking or you try to, the mind starts showing symptoms because it is not receiving nicotine now. Now, to avoid those symptoms, you again start smoking. This is a deadly cycle. One often is trapped in this cycle and it leads to dangerous diseases, mental problems, medical emergencies, and deaths.

All this is just common knowledge. The actual question is how to get out of this cycle? But wait! There is another very important question. Why should one quit smoking? All these dangers of smoking are threatening but these are just chances. What if one is willing to take those chances? What if one is happy in just enjoying the moment right now and not worrying about the future? Even if it can cost them their life, they are willing to take that risk. After all, it is their life and their choice.

There is nothing really anyone can do in that case. I would just ask them to think. Is the risk-taking just an excuse to smoke? Or you feel that not everyone who smokes dies? Maybe you tried quitting smoking and it was very hard for you and you started again thinking that it is not that bad. Is it too hard to quit? Or maybe you don’t care? In actuality, all these are again illusions your mind makes to give you excuses. Using these excuses you get away with smoking.

If one sits and think about these questions and then decide what is better, the solution that would come will be more effective. With all these questions you need just one answer. Do you want to quit smoking? If the answer is yes, you are out of the illusion. Whatever the answer comes, one thing is for sure, it is you who should be in control. In almost all cases, your smoking controls you. It is not only dangerous but also foolish to let yourself controlled by nicotine.

So if you think that you need to quit smoking, you have already completed half the process. You actually know what you want. The first thing then you should do is to make a list. A list of what will you get if you quit smoking.

Here is a general list:

  1. Probably longer and healthier life.
  2. Increased will power
  3. A better way to manage stress
  4. More money
  5. No addiction, better control on mind
  6. Improved mental health
  7. Less smoke in the air, better for everyone
  8. Better future generation
  9. Freedom of mind
  10. No craving
  11. More productivity
  12. Better respiration and body functions
  13. Better quality of life.

These are just some general things that you will get after quitting smoking. You can make your own list and add or remove items from this list. Now, when you have the list with you, decide whether all the things you are getting after quitting smoking are worth it. If they are worth quitting then 75 percent of the work is done. Now, only 25 percent of the work is left. It is the most difficult but after getting to 75 percent you just have to go for it.

So, for the remaining process, you need to keep track of your smoking habits. It is not that difficult. Just write the no of times you smoke daily or weekly. Suppose you smoke five times a day, write it down for a week. After a week you will start realizing that it is too much. You will think of quitting. Now, at this point, there are chances that you might go wrong. What you do is that you decide for yourself that from now on you will just smoke once a day. You go too hard on yourself, too hard for your body and mind to accept. What will happen is that you will end up smoking five times or maybe more. You should understand that you can’t play with your body like that. Five to one is too difficult and it might lead to increased smoking. What you need to do is set a target that is too easy. Like from five times a day to four times a day.

This target will be easy for you. Your mind won’t realize much difference. The determination you have will overcome the little difficulty. Within a week or two you will realize that now you smoke four times a day. Keep writing in a diary every time you smoke. Your next target will be from four to three. At no point, you need to force yourself. You just have to keep setting easy targets and keep writing. There will be times when it will be too hard. In those times you should look at the list of things that you will get when you quit smoking. It really helps. It would be much better if you keep that list always with you.

This quitting period may depend on various reasons related to your lifestyle, body condition, and your current smoking conditions.  Just hang in there. It will happen. After you quit smoking, smoke once in a while, maybe once in a month, or once in six months, just to enjoy the fact that you own it.

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