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Markets have gone down as of today as per the expert reports and nobody knows what the future holds. On the other side, coronavirus has scared the shit out of people. Life has slowed down and we all are hooked on social media more than ever. Due to this, we are more focused on what Neha Dhupia is saying on roadies. Trolls started coming and demeaning her and Bollywood feminists came in her support. It’s understandable. She is from their industry and with so much of women empowerment going around; it gets difficult for them to oppose her.

I will get back to Neha Dhupia, but before that let’s talk about coronavirus. Thousands of children die every day in our country because of hunger. That’s it about coronavirus. What more is left to say? The market is down and also the Madhya Pradesh government. They are trying the best to delay the floor test and prove their majority. They need time to buy the items they have lost. It is sad, that those items are actual people who rule us.

In New Delhi, people are still protesting about the CAA. My sincere request to them is to stop. Even with all the democratic rights you have, the Nation should be your priority. So go home for now and wash your hands. For those who don’t know what CAA is, forget about it. The way the government is going, it’s possible that they also don’t know.

I know that violence is not good, even if it’s just a slap to a kid or any human being. It is plain wrong. But mental abuse is also equally wrong and hurling abuses in the name of someone’s mother or sister is no women empowerment. Maybe Neha Dhupia and many of us should start with that. It will be a conscious decision on our part towards actual equality. I don’t hear abuses in the name of father and brother. It is someone’s mother we are talking about, even if you don’t mean it. The need of the hour is to remove the seeds of inequality that are sown deep into our minds over a long period.

This government is doing well in controlling the coronavirus and the doctors are also working with all their hearts for our nation. That is really good news. I just hope that this government soon comes out from its random mode to thinking mode. For once, answer the person in the press who is asking a really important question. Wipe that arrogance of your face. Also, train a few good spokespersons to go to the media channels, because, even though you own them, they can’t sell so much shit.


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  1. Charlie Jain says:

    Woww… That truely was fresh.
    It sums up pretty much everything going on in every sane persons mind these days.
    Keep it up.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much

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