The sunrays lighted my eyes and I woke up
Morning was not usual also not so different
A man appeared at my door dressed as a saint
He told me, “Let’s go dear, we are running late”
I stood shocked at this masterstroke of fate.
I never saw that man before in my life
Mystery surrounded him and his blue eyes
He pretended to know me very well
I asked him, “Have we met before ever?”
He said, “We have been together forever.”
In that moment of sudden revelation
I pressed my brain hard to locate information
To find the traces of this mysterious soul
I tried hard but all efforts went in vain
The sunrays ran and it started to rain.
He said, “Your time is over in hell”
I said, “This is my life not hell”
He asked me to get out of the illusion
And promised to take me to life
I nodded in agreement avoiding any strife.
I woke up in my bed with sunrays in my eyes
I wondered, “Is this my new life?”
The morning was usual and not so different
I sat on the chair and no one knocked the door
What is real I wondered more and more.

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    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you for reading.

  1. indishe says:

    Deeply contemplative narration of a man finding himself

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much

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