Finally I found my lost veracity, it was there somewhere hidden behind the non existing fear. Yes I tried to kill a man, a man who was in his dying years, a man who raped someone but was roaming around free.

The cells inside my mind became truculent on seeing him walking freely. He became solicitous on seeing me, he knew I was after him. His case was still going on in court and I didn’t wanted him to die before getting punishment.

His profligate behavior was proving to be right, and I was not able to control myself. I tried to stab him from back but I got caught.

What could I say, my luck was extraordinary, I did something courageous for once in my life and i got myself into prison, and that licentious man was still wandering around freely.

After spending some time in prison I came out, the time span could have been less if i would have had some extra cash in my pocket, but I was glad that I didn’t had it.

As I was walking myself out i was realizing that i was no more inane nor i was impetuous. I went directly to check in on that obdurate man, to inquire about the result of his case.

And as i thought he was proven not guilty. The victim who was raped killed herself and her family took money instead of justice and dismissed the case.

I was disappointed, the one thing for which I wasted my time and lived in prison was all gone, with no one to blame.

I mean the victim was dead, the parents were satisfied, and the criminal was free, but some part of my mind still thought that this situation was fallacious.

My thoughts suddenly became exigent, truth was what they wanted.

He maligned her, he abused her,

how was it any of my concern.

I lost my equanimity and tried to stab him,

without worrying about the return.

He walked freely, my thoughts ran in prison,

who was right who was wrong, was there any reason?

She killed her body and freed her mind,

nothing left for her to bind,

they took the money and lived,

he walked freely and never grieved.

I saw this and realized something,

right or wrong is nothing,

I did nothing I had no guilt,

he did something he had some guilt,

my thoughts were free even when the body was caged,

his body was free but mind was caged,

he felt contrite I knew,

it was his guilt which grew.

outside from the eyes  He wept,

inside the mind he slept.

Mind was free, the guilt was gone,

the demon was dead and the human reborn..

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  1. Ranjini says:

    Every time I heard news about rapes, I used to be very disturbed and I used to think of the ways in which the rapist could die. Sometimes, when I am alone in a street or when someone follows me & I am terrified, I come home & think of the things that could happen to me. I’d wish just for one thing. If such an unfortunate incident occurs to me, I want to come back and haunt the rapist all his life until he goes insane. Nothing short of torture, I would want to give him.
    If that is what you’d do, this is what I’d do. All of us have this instinct to get hold of the rapists. Yet, we are unable to do anything.

  2. shreyans says:

    The thing is that whatever you do to him, it will never restore the original you. It may let you live a bit more peacefully. And I hope and pray each moment that these things never happen, but It is getting worse. Makes me really sad..we fight together and hope for the best..

  3. mySestina says:

    this is such a heartbreaking topic. often such things happen and the culprit moves around freely. the society closes its eyes towards such shameful acts. how rubbish and barbaric. you have written it so beautifully Shreyan.. thanks for sharing..

  4. shreyans says:

    thank you so much for reading this..i hope more people come forward and do something about it..and sorry i didn’t catch your name?

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