I was inveighed by it, it was looking egregious, with big arms and big legs. I thought may be it was evil, the enemy of god. I tried to cadge my life from it, but it didn’t respond.
At first i tried to remonstrate, but it didn’t worked.
It asked me-  “ why are you here? ”
I replied- “ may be because I am dead ”.
It said- “ you are not dead, you are stuck in life . You did so many things in life, which you regret now and that is why you are stuck, in order to escape you need to see yourself in everyone, then only your regrets will go away.”
I heard it, but to comprehend it was difficult, I was going to ask but it vanished, left me baffled. I moved further, towards a open space.
All my life’s memories were there, I saw each memory of joy and sorrow. The happy ones did made me happy, but the sad ones too made me happy, it was strange, really perplexing.
I saw the Time when I was feckless, I also saw the time when i was mettlesome, fighting with my problems fearlessly, there was also a time when I was contumacious. I saw all those memories and was lost in a weird feeling of happiness. So I took all my moments of regret from those memories and removed them.
As I removed those moments, the other moments also vanished. All my beautiful, priceless moments which I thought I would be seeing during my last breath were now gone. I became sad.
Suddenly the evil appeared, it was standing over my head with its arms spread. The surroundings became obstreperous, I was scared.
I said- “I want my happy memories back, at any cost.”
It said-“ then you will get your memories of regret too, and you will be dying with regret, a sad death.”
I said-“ I don’t care, I want those memories.”
In the next moment it was gone leaving behind all my lost memories, both of regret and happiness.
The next morning I woke up, with a remembrance of previous night’s dream. From that moment I started understanding my thoughts, I was able to comprehend life more clearly.
The memories of regret were back, but the regret was gone, where, I don’t know, may be that evil took it away, or may be it was god or just my mind.  It doesn’t matter. What mattered was the comprehension that the moments you regret are the building blocks in the path of happiness.
I never saw myself in anyone, but I saw myself in me, credit goes to the generous evil designed and created by my mind.

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