Right or Wrong?

So I was walking along the road to get a taxi when I noticed a man badly injured was lying on the street. There was no one around him.
I ignored him and rushed to the hospital to see my wife who was in critical condition. I got a call just a few minutes before that my wife met with an accident. That was the reason I was rushing.
But as I reached the hospital I was fed with news that my wife was dead. I was shocked and terrified. I thought that my wife was dead because I had not helped that man who was lying injured on the street.
But I was really devastated earlier, and I thought I will be late if I helped him.
But when I saw my wife dead, I tried to gather all my strength and went back to the location where that man was lying. But there was no one there.
I asked a person around and he told me that the man was dead and he was taken by his family. I was really feeling very guilty. But then that person told me that he was dead almost an hour ago and the good thing was that he died in front of his family.
If I would have helped him, he would have probably died on the way, without meeting with his family. That actually reduced my guilt.
But I was not sure whether I did right or wrong.

In life we face many situations where we get stuck in a choice between two things, and in those cases we should remember only one thing and that is intention. Our intention should always be positive. And we should not worry about the outcomes if our intentions are right. Because nothing actually is right or wrong but our intentions.

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  1. Shivani Shrivastava says:

    In my personal views I always learnt that right or wrong can be partially determined within our belief system. Right or wrong our labels created by humans to nevigate the world. Some time which think is right for me at that instant that thing wrong for another one .. It’s an dilemma or interesting dilemma our belief decides everything …

    1. shreyans says:

      yes absolutely.. thanks to the person who gave you such wisdom..

  2. Shivani Shrivastava says:

    Well, right or wrong our just lables created by humans to navigate the world..In my own personal views right or wrong can be partially determined by our belief system at that instant a thing which is right for me , that may be wrong for another one so it just our belief which differentiate right and wrong …

  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    This is such a profound post. A simple narrative but with such a strong message and interpretation. “intention. Our intention should always be positive.” You said it. We cannot always control what happens around us, but we can control how we act and how we feel. We cannot please everyone in this world, and sometimes in order for us to feel at peace with ourselves, we have to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves first.

    1. shreyans says:

      Your interpretation of this post makes it more beautiful. You have taken the point exactly. Thank you so much Mabel for reading.

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        No, thank you so much for writing. I hope to read more of your works in the future 🙂

        1. shreyans says:

          that is so nice of you..
          thank you..
          am looking forward to your writings as well

  4. moonskittles says:

    Intent and remorse walk hand in hand I think. Great reminders.
    Dajena <3

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you dajena for making time and reading..i am grateful..

  5. Nina says:

    Interesting…sometimes, we really are confronted with situations when we want to do the good thing, but our action is limited by the condition that we’re at. My personal take on this is that, if you have the right intentions and you have the proper means to put it into action- without hurting and taking advantage of other people- then it is our personal responsibility to act. 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you so much for reading..your views our absolutely correct and positive..thanks for appreciating..

      1. Nina says:

        You’re welcome 😊 I enjoyed reading!

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