Roy vs God.

Sitting under the blue sky, Roy seemed lost in the endless space. Stars twinkling and throwing light far away. Roy believed that it is God’s will that the stars twinkle and the wind flows. Why else would the earth rotate round the sun? Why would the moon bother to rotate around us? But If God planned all this, then his existence was planned too. Roy got scared. He thought to himself, “Whatever I am thinking, is it me thinking or God is making me think?” Roy again got lost. Roy felt that he has free will. Maybe God did grant him free will. Maybe God left the humans to themselves. Maybe there is no God. But Roy didn’t want to rule out the idea of God. God did made a lot of things easier to understand for him. Roy was in a dilemma. He didn’t know the truth about his existence. He started walking as it started raining heavily. The stars were no longer visible. The sky was dark. The wind stopped flowing. Roy was afraid and happy at the same time. Roy decided to keep walking until it was morning. Roy woke up in his room with his face kissing the sunlight. Roy, still wondering, “Was it God that showed him that dream or was it his own subconscious mind?” Roy kept wondering.

7 thoughts on “Roy vs God.”

  1. Charlie Jain says:

    I don’t think God participates in the events of this Yuga.
    He is the Creator for many.
    But we are the Doer and the Recipient at the same time I guess.

    1. admin says:

      But do we have free will?

      1. Charlie Jain says:

        I guess only till an extent.

        1. admin says:

          Let’s discuss on Tuesday

          1. Charlie Jain says:

            We always forget things to be discussed when we meet.

          2. admin says:

            Not this time…..😊

          3. Charlie Jain says:


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