Save the curiosity…

It was a really busy day, nothing special in particular, every day has been the same for him from last few years, how many he didn’t knew. His childhood took away his curiosity, actually it was not gone, it was there.
When we see stars in the night, they are always there, but we never notice them regularly,his curiosity was also there somewhere but was hidden behind the illogical answers which were living in his mind , the answers which were fed to him by the society.
The day started with nothing strange, all things were happening according to a plan. There was a sea of time, but not even a drop in that sea to fulfil his mind’s thirst of answers. Just one thing was missing, the realisation. The realisation of the existence of the almost vanishing curiosity.
He was taking a bath, he heard someone calling him downstairs, when he came out and looked, there was no one there. After few minutes when he was almost ready, right on time, he again heard someone calling him. He looked again, no one was there.
This made him a little scared, at first he thought someone was fooling him, but no one was around. He was getting really late, so he left those feelings and thoughts there itself.
On his way to office, he was not able to focus, some essence of those thoughts and feelings was still travelling in his mind, not letting him concentrate.
He decided to go again to his house and check, in the hope that he would find something, the curiosity which was lying sick inside his mind suddenly showed a sign of improvement.
He audaciously opened the door and checked, no one was there, he searched every corner of the house, but still found nothing. Finally he decided to leave again, and this time he was sure that no one was there.
As he was closing the door, someone called him again, this time the voice was more clear, he followed the voice, it lead him to a closed room. The room was dishevelled , it seemed it was not opened in the last few years.
When he unlocked the room, he found no one. He was terrified. The room was filled with books, books which were caged for years, the books which spoke with him when he was a child. Those books which gave him company in his solitude, the books which were completely ignored by him over the years.
When he saw those books, he was teleported to another world,a world of curiosity, a world of satisfaction. He was missing that world from a long time now. He was so involved in interacting with those books, he almost forgot about the actual reason for which he was there.
He took a book, went towards his garden and started reading it. No worry, no regrets, no commitments. It was as if he met with himself, he met with the one who was lost in the pages of those books.
He sat there the whole day, but no one called. No voice came. Though he had forgotten about it completely, but still no one called.
Only one thing changed, his curiosity was alive again, it was shining on his forehead, like the stars in the night, which are there always but ignored.
The voice he was searching in his house, was actually coming from within him, it was his curiosity calling him, saying to him that it missed him. And when they finally met with each other, the voice was gone.
Everyone gave him answers in the last few years, but no one actually understood his questions. His curiosity was dying inside him. It was only when he searched the core of his mind he was finally able to bring his curiosity back on its feet.
Because, the answers from outside can never satisfy the curiosity within…

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  1. Aishwarya says:

    I like how curiosity was compared to the stars in the sky!

  2. shreyans says:

    Thank you Aishwarya….
    Glad you liked it..

  3. Brunda says:

    It was good read with the realization calming him down and uniting with his real self! The para about books was just amazing:)

  4. shreyans says:

    Thank you so much for reading…really glad you enjoyed it…
    Looking forward to your posts..

  5. thatssojacob says:

    Shreyans – the results of my June blog experiment are up on my blog; you’re there, check it out!

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