Watching with my brooding eyes,

Discovering truth within the lies,

Sitting with hopeful intent,

For a satisfying denouement,

It started as chaos,

Shouting and crying,

Fighting and falling,

But soon with time,

The air started singing dulcet tones,

It was a pleasant surprise,

Like an epiphany,

The felicity in the surroundings was beautiful,

The ecstatic dancing of smiles,

Continued for some time,

And then happened the unpredictable,

Some things changed,

Betrayal and jealousy rose to power,

The situation turned into an imbroglio,

Lassitude danced on every face,

The mind wondered in that moment,

Is there a panacea for this situation,

Was it a required  blow of serendipity,

To establish the fact,

That Sempiternal happiness,

Should be the ultimate desire,

To avoid the woebegone reality,

Was still sitting and pondering,

Over this revelation,

And still watching with my brooding eyes…

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