The sun was shining in the sky but it wasn’t hot as it was raining the entire day. Sam was waiting anxiously for the rain to go away. The moment it stopped raining, Sam rushed outside and unlocked his bicycle. He flew on the roads sitting on his bicycle. People came outside of their houses to see the setting sun. Sam traveled through the wet roads feeling the cool air on his face.

After a few minutes of Sam’s exploration, he stopped near a signal to buy groceries. As Sam got out of the grocery store, he saw an old woman across the street lying on the ground. She fell down and all her things were scattered on the ground. She also injured her foot. She wasn’t able to get up. Sam, being the person he is, crossed the street and helped the woman.

Sam guided the woman to her house. There was no one there except a dog. She invited Sam inside her house for dinner. Sam was fascinated by the woman and her storytelling. He went inside the house. The house wasn’t empty. There were many kids there of Sam’s age. Sam got terrified and started running towards the door. The woman shut the door before Sam could escape. It started raining again and everyone missed the Sunset.

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