Sushant Singh Rajput Rekindles the dying flame

A precious life has gone. Sushant singh rajput, a brilliant mind, and a great actor has killed himself. But is it the truth?
It is clear from the investigation that he tied a rope around his neck and hung himself. The reports say that he is indeed killed by it.

Let me ask you a question.

If someone hires a murderer to kill a person, then who is the actual killer? The one who is paying? Or the one who is being paid?

The one who pays is definitely the prominent killer. And stabbing a knife in someone’s stomach or shooting a bullet, aren’t the only means to kill someone. One can die a slow and painful death if subjected to harrassment and constant bullying. When I look and comprehend, I wonder whether Sushant killed himself, or the society that we live in, harrassed him, bullied him and left him no option?

Clearly, the prominent killer in this case is the society.

Our society has developed in a way that it has always tried to abuse and harass the different ones. The ones with different opinions and methods have always suffered. Many people have blamed nepotism for his death and many have decided to boycott movies of some celebrities, because they believe them as the perpetrators of this harrassment. Nobody knows the truth. It is all in theory. But the man has gone and left a huge hole and honestly we all are responsible for it.

Haven’t we bullied people who were different in our schools and colleges? Haven’t we thought less of someone just because he or she was from a different background? Haven’t we bitched about a coworker at work to our boss? Haven’t we made fun of someone’s language? Haven’t we laughed at someone’s body type? We all have done that. I know that teasing someone doesn’t make him or her go and commit suicide. But the accumulation of all the insults lead to depression and mental instability. And that accumulation contains that one sentence which you made in order to be funny.

Again, conscious choice of words is needed. You don’t know how it feels to someone. It is difficult to be in other people’s shoes. Many will just laugh it out at your joke in front of you, but in their personal space they would cry over it, just to remain normal in front of this abnormal society.

As far as Bollywood is concerned, many actors, directors and other technicians have faced harrassment. In the times of social media, everyone is getting trolled irrespective of their belonging. It is difficult for the outsiders to make a mark and hence they face brutal harrassment just because they are not from the industry.

Also, on the other hand, some people, just because of their insecurities, often harass other actors, in the name of nepotism, like Kangana Ranaut. She will go on taking names, abusing people, and blame them for Sushant’s death. She will abuse their work and harass them publicly because they are the products of nepotism. She has done that many times, just to grab an opportunity for film promotion or for being the victim. Although, she is a proven stalker, her being the outsider has saved her from the audience’s dislike and made her the flag bearer of outsiders. But she is not. She has constantly harassed actors like taapsee pannu who is not from the industry. And now she is back again holding the flag for Sushant and hurling abuses at some great artists. Harassment can be from anyone to anyone, it doesn’t depend on your background. It depends on how you are raised and how you think.

Sushant was given a chance in Bollywood by an insider only. Sharukh Khan is a star because the industry and people have accepted him. He was far away from Bollywood. There is a definite truth to it that certain sections in Bollywood harassed Sushant and that has led to this situation. But until the truth is out, blaming everyone in the industry and boycotting their film is also harassment. You don’t know what is going on in their mind while you are writing a tweet and trolling them. You don’t know who your next target is. Because you won’t stop bullying. You will keep harassing people. You know that you are a fucked up society. And you won’t stop your maligning.

Many people attempt suicide daily, but Sushant’s death has awaken a dying flame within us. Let us make sure we keep this flame burning and stop harrassment and bullying. There is no punishment for this murder but let’s not die in shame for what we have done. Let’s make our conscience guilt free and appreciate the differences. A perfect world is only perfect because of it’s differences.

4 thoughts on “Sushant Singh Rajput Rekindles the dying flame”

  1. Shweta Suresh says:

    Blaming them isn’t going to bring him back. Unfortunately, the reasons may never be known to us too

    1. admin says:

      Exactly. But with his dying, i hope things change.

      1. Shweta Suresh says:

        I hope that nepotism doesn’t lead to more outsiders being treated badly. Hopefully, his death wouldn’t be in vain

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