that beautiful moment…..

She was sitting near the beach, was drawing something on the sand, it seemed like it was a big house. She was around 13 I guess, as I walked towards her she destroyed that painting. She was i think a little scared of what will I think, or may be she didn’t wanted to share her dreams.
Her eyes displayed innocence mixed with a bit of curiosity. I sat beside her and started drawing something. I was not good at that so I kept embarrassing myself.
She was looking with her eyes inclined towards me, she was not able to see me doing such a mess. She rolled her fingers on the sand and started mixing it around, within a few seconds my drawing was turned into a brilliant masterpiece.
I was stunned. She was just smiling calmly as if the satisfaction was more than enough for her. We sat there till the water washed that painting away, leaving behind just the memory of that incredible moment.
Remember, in life there is always a sense of fear in us of what others will think and also a worry about whether our dreams are powerful enough.
But there will always be someone who will give that open space to you in which you can widen your range and express yourself without fear.
And in that moment you will blossom, and then the resulting satisfaction.
But that will also be just for a moment and then gone. And the only thing left will be that special memory..

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Another thoughtful write from you. “the only thing left will be that special memory..” I can relate to this line a lot, having people walking in and out of my life more times than I like. I think all our dreams are powerful if we believe in them and go after them. Simple as that. Who cares what the world thinks 🙂

    1. shreyans says:

      Thank you mabel….yes, we do face situations when we feel losing on moments….thank you for reading..waiting for your next blog..

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