The bigger plan….

That man was beating her very badly, no one was around to help her. I was looking from a distance, but I did not had the guts to help her from that licentious man.

The situation was making me seditious. A battle between mind and heart started, mind had many warriors, but the heart only had a few of them.

Mind told me to look at myself, my tenuous body. How am I to fight with that person? Heart said, how can you be so illicit? Generally In situations like these, it is the heart who wins.

The power of those few warriors of heart was more than that of my mind’s whole army. I went running towards that flagrant man and serrated his throat like an animal.

The fight continued and both of us ended up in a hospital. When I woke up in the hospital, I found that the man was dead.

A warm fluid of guilt started flowing in my body, and got mixed in every single drop of my blood. My mind again said to me, I told you earlier you should have listened to me.

The heart became furious, it convinced me that I did a good job in saving that woman, because the man was evil.

I didn’t knew if I did right or wrong. I did became immoral in order to save my morality. What I had planned, I never got.

My intentions were only to save that woman, but I ended up doing something which I never intended to do in my life, nobody does, or may be some, but I never intended to do that.

I was walking towards my home after getting discharged, I saw the rain falling, the winds blowing. People were just witnessing the view, nobody was trying to control anything.

Nobody can control nature, I was also comprehending the intentions of the nature. I realized suddenly, there is a specific plan for everything, the rain falling, the wind blowing, the sun shining, the moon light dancing.

Everybody is the part of that plan, even me. That man dying was a part of the plan, my fighting him was planned too. But who made that plan?

That doesn’t matter, our wondering about the planner will also be then the part of the plan.

From that day I stopped planning anything, I started to execute the bigger plan.

And I guess, this big transformation in me was also the part of the plan, and I executed it perfectly.

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  1. Copper Cranes says:

    Shreyans, “The bigger plan…” is a wonderful read. The following line is one of my favorites, “That doesn’t matter, our wondering about the planner will also be then the part of the plan.” This is indeed quite thought-provoking, thank you for inspiring some deep thinking on my part. Enjoy your week ahead. Take good care. ~ Mia

  2. shreyans says:

    Hello Mia…thank you so much for such kind words…i am glad that I was able to inspire you…it is a big reward for me…
    You take good care..and enjoy..

  3. Copper Cranes says:

    You’re welcome Shreyans. Thank you. ~ Mia

  4. Aki says:

    Beautifully written. I’m inspired by the bigger plan.

    1. shreyans says:

      I am really glad I was able to inspire you..have a great day..

      1. Aki says:

        You’re welcome! 🙂 best of luck

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