The blue bird…

Greenish day, dull slightly
Jay is walking, his eyes shining brightly
Wet roads due to heavy downpour
In few minutes, he will be at the sea shore
But fate planned something different
They hit him on his head and he was about to faint
His unconscious body lugged inside a car
Beyond the boundaries, he was taken very far
His eyes saw the trees around
With one of the tree, his body was bound
He spread his vision to see the deadly forest
And rose up with a pounding chest
What is this place, he wondered
His eyes went towards a blue bird
The bird was sitting on the highest branch of a tree
Bounded by nothing, it was ready to fly free
Jay realized the essence of freedom
A sudden rise in his pool of wisdom
He cut the ropes and ran away
His abductors moved and followed his way
He ran hard in his whole life
In pursuit of freedom within the strife
But now as he was running
Freedom had a different meaning
It meant not to be away from conflicts
But to find peace in life’s splits
The lesson was great but the situation absurd
All this he learned, from a blue bird.

0 thoughts on “The blue bird…”

  1. Copper Cranes says:

    Dear Shreyans, wonderful poem. I like the idea of different types of freedom. It’s good to be reminded from time to time, regardless of where that reminder comes from, even if it’s a bird, how lovely. Take care.~ Mia

    1. shreyans says:

      Hi mia..thank you for reading and sharing your views. It feels great.

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Beautiful poem and story. Shreyans. I like how sometimes we have to look out to find freedom. We need to reach within us to find self-belief, but also focusing on our end goal helps too. Also like Cooper said, I like how you alluded to different types of freedom – that often depends on our circumstance and little by little, we can build a great sense of freedom within and around us.

    1. shreyans says:

      Hello mabel…thank you for you valuable comments. You always add somethings to my posts and make them better..

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