The light bulb


Why do we look up to the stars?

In the vast space, they shine

And they make us wonder

Without them, space is just dark

As if it is nothing

What could we call something that holds everything?

I think space is the correct word

The stars are hanging out

Far away

Like the light bulb in my room


As they are light bulbs to me

I will be a light bulb to them

We are too far away


Some time back

I was reading the news

A man’s family met with an accident

Everybody died except him

I bet the stars were watching it from above

Or maybe below

In space, there is no above or below

It is on you

Whatever you like


His parents and little brother died

I was thinking about that man

How will he live?

All alone he was now

I bet that man is hanging from his window right now

Looking at the stars

They were the ones who had seen his family dying


They are just light bulbs

Hanging lose in space

Making themselves count

Still, they are insignificant

Like we all are

Yet to realize


I am still hanging from the window

Looking at the stars


I am a light bulb

And I feel I am very significant

I make the darkness count.


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