The old man.

It was a rainy day. The roads were wet due to the constant drizzle. It was dark all around and there was no one to be seen. I was driving my car and enjoying the weather. My thoughts were less about the beauty around and more about my own problems. I thought the weather would make my stress go away. It did to some extent. I was just driving slowly, lost in myself. Suddenly, I noticed this old man standing in the middle of the field all alone. I thought maybe it was his land. After a few minutes, I again saw that same old man standing in the middle of another field. At this point, I was shocked. Still, I wasn’t sure if it was the same old man. I continued driving. A few minutes passed and I again saw that man standing in the middle of the field. What was happening? It was really difficult to comprehend. Now, I was scared. Was it a ghost? Anything unnatural or unknown always scares you. There is clearly no way that the old man could be in so many different places. Also, I was quite sure that they all looked alike. I forgot my personal problems and started wondering about that old man. As I drove ahead I again saw that old man looking at me from the middle of another field. I decided to stop. I opened the gate of my car and started walking towards the field. I was not afraid. For long I have been afraid. It was my moment of realization. I walked towards that old man. As I was walking I saw him disappearing with my own eyes. It was a miracle. In a few seconds, I could see no one there. The rain had stopped. The sun was out in the open. I was in awe of what had just happened. I got back in my car and I started driving. I had a smile on my face. The sun also threw some rays on my face. Thinking about that old man I kept going ahead.

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